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A bit about little old me

Welcome to my blog and I hope you stay around long enough to learn a little about me and read a few of my posts. I am a busy mom but this is about a bit of me time. My diary writing stopped about the same time as my first was born so now they are a bit older I figured it was time to start writing a fees of my thoughts down and blogging seemed like the more modern way of doing this.

With so much to write about but so little time to actually wrote anything I have set myself some goals at least a post a month should be manageable so thats my starter aim. What will I pen down, well I don’t really know I suppose things that make me smile, laugh, cry or cringe is a start and a few priceless moments from my kids will probably sneak onto my online outlet.

Mrs 2.4 children

I say 2.4 I have two kids plus a hubby that acts like a child .4% of the time. We have a crazy busy life and when we are not running around like headless chickens getting the kids to band practise, football practice, theatre practise and a whole host of after school clubs and parties the couple of precious moments left we try to make adult time.

I love being a mom and I have terrific kids and when we are not all going off to do a whole host of activities then we really enjoy our time together. Holidays and days out are proper family time and when we do get the chance we always have a great laugh.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to comment or query anything you read on my website. Do come back soon…

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