Finally I have sorted parking control management out

Getting our parking control management company on board

Parking control management been on my mind for ages

I have just employed parking control management company to help with a problem we have had for years. We have a little bakery on the outskirts of a very busy town and for ages we have been plagued by people using our little car park and then disappearing off to do their shopping or go to work. I am not a prude but this is a big problem for us as we need those spaces for paying customers and we cannot afford to have them tied up for hours at a time or even all day by people that are not even buying from us.

We hope the parking control management measures work out

We had had enough and didn’t know what to do about our parking problems and we certainly did not want to confront anyone outside and tell them what we thought about this abuse of our land and car park spaces. A friend of ours is a lawyer and he said it was dead simple get someone to do our dirty work!
We were intrigued and wanted to know what he meant and he explained that as it was private land no-one other than with permission had any right to park there and there were parking control management companies out there that would completely manage our land and ensure people were made aware if they did park on site for too long that they would be a fine for the privilege.
We checked with him that this was legal and he not only assured us but explained they had exactly the same issue at the practice they run in the town centre and had employed the services of a parking control management company to solve their issue. He went on to say it was very effective, very quickly and that other than a few irate individuals calling our firm to complain it did not take long for the message to be received loud and clear.

We didn’t take much convincing about parking control management

It seemed like a brilliant idea and one that would definitely solve a problem that had both cost us money and a lot of headaches and we could not wait until monday to call the guys that helped them. My friend gave me his mobile number and I waited until monday to get this call done.
Martin was ace he went through everything briefly on the phone and all that parking control management could offer us. The only thing I think we were both nervous of was how much this little lot would cost us. The parking signs and the service including all the administration was bound to cost a small fortune and whilst it all sounded awesome we asked the 50 million dollar question.
Come on then Martin how much is this little lot going to cost us then my husband asked, Martin laughed how much do you want to pay he said. Husband in his usual way said nothing Martin, great Martin said because thats how much it will cost you! We could not believe it the parking control management measures would cost us nothing and would sort our problem once and for all, RESULT is all my husband could muster.


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