Looking at multi fuel stoves

Shopping for multi fuel stoves

Search is on for multi fuel stoves

Last winter was freezing in fact I am always cold and so we are shopping for multi fuel stoves so I can finally get warm this winter. I have long been an admirer of stoves and been looking into getting one fitted for the last few years but budget was always an issue because we had been pouring our disposable income into the bakery.

We wanted a range style stove so we could cook on it too and these don’t come cheap and we did not want to buy anything of poor quality and so have been saving a little away until this year where we finally get to install our new Esse multi fuel stoves buy.

We found this multi fuel stoves option

We found this Esse multi fuel stoves option but it came with a hefty price tag. As soon as I saw it I said to my husband the search was over and that was the one we were having no matter how long it took to save up. This year we have finally bought it thanks to saving hard and having a bit of a windfall from a claim I had for an injury I had.
It felt amazing going in to finally pay of fit and to organise the installation but the multi fuel stoves installation company we have picked were great and very helpful when it came to logistical advice and all other information they gave us.
It is all booked to be installed next week and we are so excited although it has come with some problems including how we get this huge multi fuel stoves purchase from the shop into our house! It will take at least four guys to make this happen as the thing weighs a tonne and I cannot wait to see how they do it although they have said it will be no problem for them as they do it all the time. I have to say I am impressed with it all and the service has been fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone.

Excited about our multi fuel stoves purchase

I am super excited about getting our stove fitted but we have loads to do this week to prepare for it. The multi fuel stoves option we have chosen will take some moving and so we are having to get the kitchen ready to get it in. As well as moving furniture we decided to decorate at the same time to ensure it gets pride of place and looks the bets it can look when it finally arrives.
We have gone for a fresh pastel this time around and that will mean accessorising the kitchen again with some new bits so thats this weekends shopping sorted.
Paint is out and every evening will now be spent moving painting and finishing off everything so come Monday when my multi fuel stoves buy arrives with the fitters we will be ready to get it fitted and fired up for the very first time.


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