Getting new name plaques done for surgery

we chose slate name plaques

Time for new name plaques for the practise

I was recently asked to source new name plaques for the surgery where I work. Ours were looking really dated since we have had a big refurbishment and we all agreed that getting new ones was the only way to go. That is sometimes the way when you do a refit and leave pars from the old set up it can look really out of place and in this case the name plaques on all the doors looked dreadful and had to be changed.

Samples of name plaques

We were a bit clueless as to what can be done now as it was a very long time ago that the originals were fixed to the doors and so we thought it would be a good idea to get in an expert to show us the types of name plaques that were available now to choose from. A few calls later and we (well actually I) had found a company we would like to work with and they arranged to pop in with some samples and some images of work they had done for similar clients to us. It wasn’t long before they came in to do the meeting and the stuff they brought in was really impressive we were on a budget but this was going to be a long term investment so fortunately price was not the be all and end all. There were some really nice different styles from ultra modern glass and steel fixtures to natural products like slate and stone and everything in between. After a long conversation we decided to go from the exterior plaques and come inside the building to create a constant look throughout the practice and for this reason we chose slate name plaques as they are really durable, easy to maintain and look stunning.
This was by far not the cheapest option but as we having it done we all agreed to get it done properly and a professional and classy look is what we wanted.

Name plaques chosen we waited

As the slate name plaques needed to be produced and engraved it was going to take a while to get the fitted. The guys we had to do it were marvellous and really quick given the amount of name plaques they had to create. It all took around a month and within two weeks they followed up with a call to give isa fitting date. To lessen disruption they even offered to do it after or before open hours which was most helpful given some patients are not feeling the best and the last thing they need is drilling and banging whilst they wait to see someone.
The time had come for our new name plaques to be fitted and they dully arrived when they said they would to fit. They were really quick putting them up, I guess because they do it all the time and started to fit inside first to ensure if it took a little longer than expected at least they were outside when patients started to show up for the day. The name plaques looked amazing and we are thrilled with the work.


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